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penyebab keputihan dan cara mengatasinya

August 1, 2011

The bring about of an outbreak of white females is kerana Toadstool abnormal candida and bacteria. Ingestion issue between the stem that causes excessive vaginal fungus.
The bring about of vaginal discharge:
1. Mushrooms
Normally induced by the fungus candida albicans that leads to itching all-around the vulva / vagina. Coloration whitish fluid due to fungi yellowish white with a unique odor. Whitish fungus can be caused by pregnancy, use of birth manage tablets, steroids, diabetes, being overweight, antibiotics, low system resistance, and so forth.

two. Bacterium
Usually brought on by bacteria referred to as Gardnerella and keputihannya bacterial vaginosis with the characteristics of dilute liquid with a grayish-white colour of the fishy smell. Vaginal discharge triggered by bacteria commonly seem through pregnancy, to mutually couple, the use of a spiral kb or IUD, and so forth.Read the review at Penyebab Keputihan or nanas penyebab keputihan

3. Virus
Vaginal discharge brought on by a virus usually inherited from the condition hiv / aids, Condyloma, herpes and others that could set off the emergence of uterine cancer. Whitish herper infectious virus from intercourse with any signs of wound blisters close to the vagina with fluid it feels itchy and warm. Meanwhile, a attribute symptom Condyloma warts there are numerous bodies with a liquid that smells that frequently strikes females realize.

4. Parasite
Whitish because of to parasites triggered by a parasite trichomonas vaginalis transmitted from sexual make contact with / intercourse with a yellow green liquid with a bad smell thick and foamy. Often it can be itchy and irritating. The parasite can be transmitted as a result of the whiteness trade toiletries, borrow-meninjam underwear, toilet occupy contaminated, and so forth.


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